Pennsylvania Construction Inspection offers

  • Commercial and residential permit processing in 3-5 days (including plan review)
  • Fully certified inspectors
  • 48 hour inspection turn around (often less than 24 hours)
  • Over 20 years of experience in commercial inspection
  • Over 30 years of construction experience
  • On site consultation before submittal
  • Staff with more knowledge and experience
  • PCI staff carries cell phones for instant contact

It is not enough to be certified. It takes in-depth experience and knowledge of construction practices and materials to expertly apply the PA UCC in many different scenarios. At PCI, our team has the know-how to help you build to the requirements of the International Codes as applied in Pennsylvania. We will take the time to answer all your questions accurately, without adding any ìpersonal interpretation.î We have always worked to make the builders, designers, and homeowners a part of the building process, without becoming a roadblock.

We believe we have taken the process from one of antagonism, to one that is a professional relationship, where code compliance is in concert with the building construction. This is done while maintaining strict compliance. We can do this by constantly training and updating our staff on the latest codes and maintaining a level of work that allows us to provide outstanding service to the areas we serve. We would rather have less work if it allows us to continue providing the best service in the industry.


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